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I would really like to say that I love all the tasks involved in being a housewife, but I really can’t say that in truth. I love the sense of accomplishment I feel when a space is sparkling clean, and I love living in a clean home.  However, for some reason I have been drawn to spending large amounts of time cleaning ever since I was a child.  My first job as a 15 year old was on the housekeeping crew for the Country Club where dad worked, and I had a lot of cleaning jobs after that.  I always have to read the Heloise articles in Good Housekeeping, and have a collection of articles with cleaning tips.  My husband can tell you every Chicago Cubs statistic since 1985, and I can tell you how to get almost anything out of your carpet!


Now cooking, that is A LOT more fun!  Until 7 years ago I loved to peruse cook books – usually Cooking Light – and whip up a nice meal for my husband and I.  It often involved fresh produce, lean meat and a whole wheat starch.  It even looked appealing – most of the time.  Then along came kids…  cooking something everyone in a family of 5 will enjoy,  while keeping 3 kids under 7 from hurting anybody or anything is WAY less appealing!  I now know, I am not a good cook – I just have good recipes.  So, here they are!!!


                            Recipes                Cleaning Tips

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